That Time of Year Again

It is that time of year again when the adrenalin starts to flow and everyone shakes off the lazy crazy days of summer to gear up for the exuberance that the start of schools inspires in the kids as well as the teachers and support staff in all of our schools.  

It is the time of year where we at NEARI get ready to meet and greet new presidents and the not so new presidents back into the fold. 

It is the time of year when we all silently vow to ourselves that this is going to be a great year for all of us….kids, teachers, support staff and even those of us who work here for all of you.

As the year unfolds and the lay of the land has been staged for whatever issues face us, let us all remember that no matter what position we hold, where we work or don’t work, we all need to work together to preserve and protect that which we have worked so hard to achieve and accomplish.  We are only strong if we continue to stand together and face adversities together.

Here is to a wonderful year for all of the NEARI family…keep the faith and always stay positive!



What EXCITES you about the NEW SCHOOL year?

It is hard to believe that the summer winds down and many of us return to school before Labor Day. As you enjoy the last few days of what we call summer vacation, there is no doubt that you’ve also started to think about what the new year will look like for you as a teacher and for the school/district/community in which you teach.

But what really excites you about the upcoming school year?

I’m gearing up to start my 9th year as a middle school teacher in Rhode Island.

I’m most excited to see my students return from the summer since I teach on a 6th/7th grade looping team and we’ll be in 7th grade this year.

I’m excited to hear about their summer vacations and have them ask me about mine.

I’m excited to introduce to my students their first blog assignment that they will complete about the experiences that they have had in math up to this point in their lives.

I’m excited to work with the new staff that will be in our building this year.

And I’m excited to find that perfect outfit for school picture day!

What EXCITES you about the NEW SCHOOL year?

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